Obesity is among the major problems of many people today. This condition can actually lead to a more serious health risk. One of the fatal diseases that obesity can lead to is heart illness. Today, there are various drugs in the market that are used to treat obesity. One of these drugs is Phentermine. Phentermine is the generic name of various pills used for treating obesity. Phentermine received approval from the FDA of Food and Drug Administration in 1959.

What is Phentermine

Phentermine is a pill use to reduce weight. This drug works as an appetite-suppressant. This means that Phentermine can lessen your urge to eat. The mechanism involves the changing of the brain’s serotonin level, thereby, affecting neurotransmitters’ metabolism. By stimulating a particular neurotransmitter, the brain then fails to receive hunger messages. The intake of Phentermine plus the right combination of right diet and enough exercise can help one in reducing weight.

Phentermine should be taken upon the doctor’s prescription. It is usually taken before breakfast or an hour or two after breakfast. Phentermine should not be taken at night because it can trigger insomnia. Although some medical practitioners approve Phentermine, it does not mean that Phentermine has no side effects. Actually, the use of Phentermine can have side effects such as rapid heartbeat, constipation, dizziness, alertness and insomnia. You should also stop alcohol intake while you are taking Phentermine, as this can only increase the side effects of the drug. If you have a heart problem, diabetes, high blood pressure or glaucoma, you should avoid taking this drug.

Another important thing that you should bear in mind is never to take any other diet medications if you are taking Phentermine, because this could lead to a serious lung complication. If you really want to take other diet medications, you have to consult first the doctor.

Where to buy Phentermine

Usually, a Phentermine pill can only be bought by those who have prescriptions by doctors. However, there are various pharmacies online that advertise the selling of Phentermine without the need to present a medical prescription. Some of these online pharmacies give discount if you buy this drug in bulk. For your safety, you have to consult first the doctor about taking Phentermine pills. Another thing you should remember when taking Phentermine is to follow the description strictly on how to take Phentermine.

So before you decide to use a diet drug such as Phentermine, you should consult your doctor first. It is also important that you only buy this drug in pharmacies that are reputable. You may also surf the Internet to find sites the contain reviews and comments of people who have taken this kind of drug that’s used for dieting.